CFC: Days 5, 6 & 7 (and how I completely and shamelessly jumped off the wagon)

12 Dec

Well, I (almost) made it the full 7 days.  Actually, I’m proud of myself for making it as long as I did.  In my head, I thought for sure I’d only make it to day 6 because K would be here and, well, it was the weekend.  But actually, day 6 and the first half of 7 were the two easiest days of the cleanse.  I think a big reason for that is because I wasn’t sitting at a desk all day thinking about what I wasn’t eating.  Also, I mixed things up a bit.  And for the 2nd half of the 7th day?  Well, you’ll see….

Day 5

Breakfast – same as all week

Lunch – brown rice with green lentils, onion, green curry, coconut milk & kale

Snack – vegan/sugar-free granola

Dinner – Okay,  kind of cheated here.  BUT I managed to go to a Holiday Open House without even touching the sweets or wine.  But then I blew it when I went to get a bite of eat with my friend and ended up eating a handful of fries.  Besides that, I ate a salad with oil and vinegar, and sipped my water while she drank a Zinfandel.  (Wine has never looked so good.)

1 gallon water

Day 6

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with olive oil, s & p; coffee with unsweetened almond milk and maple syrup

Lunch – the last of the lentils/beans/onion/green curry/coconut thing & brown rice

Snack – clementine

Dinner – Wild Alaskan Salmon with olive oil, lemon, and crunchy garlic; sauteed spinach with garlic and olive oil; brown rice

This salmon was the best salmon I have cooked in a long time.  The crunchy garlic was the perfect touch.  All I did was cook it in some olive oil until it browned then I poured the oil and garlic over the salmon (which had been salted & peppered), topped with lemon slices and baked until done.  It was sooooooooo good.  Yum!

Probably 1/2 a gallon of water. Boo.

And now where I hang my head and go down in flames….

But seriously, just look at what I made:


Salted Creme Fraiche Caramels

Almond Chocolate Bark

and Spicy Caramel Popcorn

Would you be able to resist?  I think not.  I knew this would be my fate when I planned on doing this this afternoon.  And guys?  I don’t feel badly at all for bailing early for this.  The last few days I really started to feel pretty good about my body.  I have certainly felt more positive in my thinking when it comes to the miscarriage, and I can’t help but think it’s directly related.  It felt good to take care of my body, to not be angry at it and inwardly blame it.  I’m not sure if it will last, but right now, I am in a good place mentally.  And that right there makes every day of this worth it.  Here’s what else I ate today (I stayed strong until the end):

Day 7

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with olive oil; coffee with unsweetened almond milk and maple syrup

Lunch – vegan/sugar-free granola with unsweetened almond milk (a week lunch, yes)

Dinner – organic chicken with olive oil, vegan butter, fresh thyme, garlic and lemon with brown rice

Even less water than yesterday. Double boo.

And then, well, you know the rest.

If you can do it for a week, I highly suggest it.  It will make you conscious of what you put in your body and force you to rediscover the relationship you’re supposed to have with yourself and food, instead of mindlessly grabbing whatever you can find to eat around the house just to survive.

And when you’re done, I also highly recommend the treats above.  Although not so great for your body, but very enjoyable nonetheless.  Especially the Salted Creme Fraiche Caramels.  BEST. CARAMEL. EVER.

Recipes here (minus the bark because it’s a family secret and you’ll have to force it out of me with lots and lots of money and/or babies):

Truffles on Smitten Kitchen
Spicy Caramel Popcorn on Smitten Kitchen
Salted Creme Fraiche Caramels on I made that!

Oh, also, Tim has been graciously doing the no alcohol part of this with me this week.  He did, however, fall even worse off the wagon than I did  by completely even forgetting he was even on the wagon.  Two beers in when he was offered another, he finally realized, “Oh shit!”  But today he’s back on (for the day anyway).  Thanks for the (semi) support, babe.  You’re the best.


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