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A song for you.

2 Feb

I was just in the car and the song that inspired my post title the other day came on on my iPod.  As I sang along, I realized I needed to share it with you here in case you hadn’t heard it before.

I love The Bens.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I used to love Ben Folds until he was an ass to my friend’s band back in 2002, then I had to stop liking him.  (Although have you ever heard that song Gracie?  Oh my.  If that song doesn’t make your ovaries quiver, you’re a cold and heartless woman and I want nothing to do with you.*)  Ben Kweller, however, has been on constant rotation on my stereo computer iPod for over 10 years now (check out his Changing Horses album – listen to Sawdust Man and Gypsy Rose – it’s one of the best albums of 2009…and of course, there’s Sha Sha which is classic Ben Kweller), and Ben Lee is just the cutest.  He can sing to me in that accent any day (although, I do have to admit his albums are kind of disappointing….I think they’re just a little too pop-y sweet for me).

Anyway.  Here it is.  The soundtrack to your pretending.

* This, of  course, is aimed more towards those of us not in the hell that is RPL and Infertility, because obviously everything under the moon makes our ovaries quiver.  But also, should you be in a dark and twisty place at the moment, consider this a warning — DO NOT go looking for that song, or you may never come out of the blackness.


I know you’re probably sick of it, but…

31 Jan

This song has been in my head for weeks.  Even though I feel like I’m still in the middle of my “dog days,” maybe if I adopt it as my mantra the concept will finally stick.  Despite being over-played on the radio (and, um, you know, that time it was on Glee): it’s a freaking really good song.  So if you’re not sick of it yet, put your volume the highest it will go, press play, and sing your loudest.  We’ll all pretend you sound just like her.

(Sara, wish we could sing it together again.  I think you should play this a lot this week.  Over and over.  Miss you.)

Music on a dreary Friday afternoon

22 Oct

I’m feeling like posting this today because it’s raining out and a little gloomy and I just retold my whole year to a friend I hadn’t talked to since before all this happened and I need the feelings it gives me to listen to it.  See, I have a knack for finding songs that drum up painful feelings from the past (um, Clem Snide anyone?  No?  How about Ray LaMontagne circa 2004 before he was in commercials for insurance and on prime time tv shows?)  So it’s rare for me to find one that fills my heart with contentment and makes my soul smile.  This song does that for me, and maybe if you haven’t heard it before (or you have and agree), it will do that for you, too.

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s – A Take Away Show by La Blogotheque on Vimeo (And if you’re still watching at that point, it continues on into 40 Day Dream, which is another good one.)

(This particular video is from the streets of San Francisco and makes me smile even more. I think it’s been making its rounds in the blog world, but just maybe you still haven’t seen it. Enjoy!)


22 Oct

Okay.  Guys?  On Sunday I’m going to see a band I’ve wanted to see for the majority of my life.  I’ve had a love affair with Pearl Jam since 1991 when Ten first came out.  I would shut my preteen self in my room and blast their music, stare at the magenta album cover and lift my hand in a high five salute to the band.  Not only was it my first discovery of real music (before that it was the 80’s – enough said), it was accompanied by new flannel shirts and baggy corduroys and a deep, passionate crush only an 11-year-old girl could have on Eddie Vedder that has since lasted 19 years.  NINETEEN YEARS.  And guys?  I’m finally getting to see them this weekend.  I’m trying not to be a whiney little baby and ignore the fact I’ll be a mile away from the stage because I’m poor and it’s going to pour down rain on us but I don’t care because I’m finally getting to see Eddie, Jeff, Stone, Mike and Matt.*  And although I would be closer if I just watched them on YouTube, I’ll still be there.  Almost 20 years later I’ll finally be seeing the band that changed music for me.  I had better go find those flannel shirts.  Hey, 1991 me — I’m totally going to see Eddie!  High-five!

* who was not an original member, but I’ll take him.

(Photo courtesy of this site where they don’t cite the source)