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Whoopsies! Where have I been?

4 May

Wow.  It’s been over a month since I last posted.  I didn’t mean to go this long, please forgive me.  I think a part of me hasn’t written because I know all I will write about is the pain I’m still in, and how the sadness still creeps in and consumes me every few weeks.  This blog was supposed to be a pregnancy blog, not a miscarriage blog, and there’s only so much sadness one can read about. And I want to write about other things, but the times I’m inspired are – of course – when I’m feeling sad about the miscarriage.

So what am I going to tell you about now?  Well, something related to my miscarriage, of course!  I finally FIN-A-LLY have a freaking doctor’s appointment tomorrow with a real OB/GYN at a women’s center in Santa Rosa.  I am hoping, praying! that I can get some answers as to why I’m still in pain.  If the cyst burst (oh hey!  the cyst on my left ovary burst!  and it was not fun!), why do I still have pain in my ovaries?  Why can’t I walk further than a mile without the pain making me turn around in frustration?

As excited as I am about having health insurance, I did receive a letter in the mail from my new provider warning me that any pre-existing conditions will have to be subjected to a 6-month waiting period before I can seek treatment. Um, oops?  I’m hoping that waiver that I signed at the health clinic asking them not to share my information still stands.  I am not waiting 6 more months to be seen for this.  I thought in group health insurance, these things didn’t apply.  So even though I have insurance, and I’m SO thankful for it, I still hate it. You hear me insurance?  Get your act together, or else!

I will post an update on my doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Can everyone in the internet world collectively cross their fingers for me?  Thanks!