Friendships & Infertility

4 Feb

Even though we’ve all said similar things on our blogs, I can’t help but share this with you guys.  No matter how many times I hear this advice, it still helps.  If you’re a friend of someone going through infertility or miscarriage, you need to go read this, too.  Finding this today is appropriate for me heading into next week and I’m hopeful it will help you in some way too (especially if you have a child already and are trying for that second).

I just found her through Heir to Blair and you should check her out.  Maybe you’re already familiar with her, but this is the first time I’ve been introduced.  Besides her way with words and photos, she’s gorgeous!

(A warning: she is pregnant so if you’re avoiding those things, maybe don’t check her out.  But her words might still help.  And if you just click the link above and don’t look elsewhere, you wouldn’t even know it, so you’re safe!)

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