CFC: Day 4

10 Dec

Aren’t these beautiful?

If only they looked that beautiful after they were cooked.

Day 4 was easier than Day 3, for sure.  My mood was better, though, so that helped things along.  The highlight yet again, was the run I went on when I got home from work (despite fearing for my life because it was so dark*).  I know that I’ve already said this on Monday and Tuesday, but today was the best I’ve felt during a run yet.  I felt like I could have run for miles longer if it hadn’t have been pitch black.   I feel pretty comfortable in saying I’m even looking forward to my run on Saturday.  Who is this person?

What I ate for Day 4:

Breakfast – smoothie with banana, raspberries, peaches, juice from 1/2 lemon, kale, and unsweetened rice milk; coffee with maple syrup and unsweetened almond milk

Lunch – mixed greens with quinoa, sweet potato, black beans and homemade dressing

Snack – vegan/sugar free granola

Dinner – green lentils, garlic, onion, corn, kale, tofu, green curry and coconut milk, served over rice.

It’s still pretty similar to what I’ve been eating.  And technically, I think it was decided that tofu shouldn’t be on the cleanse, but it was going bad and I was craving it.  It was organic tofu, so hopefully that makes a difference.

This is how it turned out (seriously, cooked lentils make everything look gross):

It tasted better than it looks, I swear.  Although, I made it way too spicy.  As I was eating it my forehead was breaking out into a sweat.  I like a little spice, but I just don’t understand what’s appealing about almost dying while you eat.  I figured it was good for me, though, by flushing toxins out or something, so I worked through it.

Also, I can’t forget: gallon of water! Woot!

Tim caught me as I was taking these pictures and couldn’t help but tease me a little bit about the fact some people might not want to hear what I ate during the day.  He has a point, for sure, even I feel a little silly.  I think if I had done this last week with everyone else, I wouldn’t have felt so strange telling all the details about what I ate because others were doing it, too.  So if you’re annoyed by hearing what I ate (or didn’t eat), I promise it will be over soon.  On the other hand, if you’re completely fascinated by what strangers eat and want to hear about others that did the cleanse, then here are the ladies who did it last week:

Emilie at One Mom in Maine
Kirsten in Wisconsin at From Inside to Outside
Laura in Japan at Ichigone
Jodi in Connecticut at Live Free and Run
Stephani in Colorado, at limbo

Even though I’m a week behind, I feel like I’m still joining these ladies.  Only 3 more days to go.


* I am not just running blind in the dark.  I bought an LED arm band from Campmor that flashes bright red, plus I wear a bright red vest with reflectors on both the front and the back.  Took also has a flashing collar that I find very amusing to see him in.  I need to try and get a picture of us because we have to look pretty funny out there.  But I don’t care, I think they’re kind of fun.  Also, for even more reassurance (Mom!), I run on the same route Tim drives home from work on and he has attested that I’m visible.  Also, I think I’m going to start carrying a small flashlight as well.  I’ll be be a stop sign short of a freaking crossing guard, I’ll be so safe.


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