22 Oct

Okay.  Guys?  On Sunday I’m going to see a band I’ve wanted to see for the majority of my life.  I’ve had a love affair with Pearl Jam since 1991 when Ten first came out.  I would shut my preteen self in my room and blast their music, stare at the magenta album cover and lift my hand in a high five salute to the band.  Not only was it my first discovery of real music (before that it was the 80’s – enough said), it was accompanied by new flannel shirts and baggy corduroys and a deep, passionate crush only an 11-year-old girl could have on Eddie Vedder that has since lasted 19 years.  NINETEEN YEARS.  And guys?  I’m finally getting to see them this weekend.  I’m trying not to be a whiney little baby and ignore the fact I’ll be a mile away from the stage because I’m poor and it’s going to pour down rain on us but I don’t care because I’m finally getting to see Eddie, Jeff, Stone, Mike and Matt.*  And although I would be closer if I just watched them on YouTube, I’ll still be there.  Almost 20 years later I’ll finally be seeing the band that changed music for me.  I had better go find those flannel shirts.  Hey, 1991 me — I’m totally going to see Eddie!  High-five!

* who was not an original member, but I’ll take him.

(Photo courtesy of this site where they don’t cite the source)


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