Go read this. Now.

4 Oct

Today Kate Inglis, from  Sweet | Saltyposted words that every woman that has suffered a miscarriage, a still-birth, a death of a child, should be required to read. It is difficult to describe the thoughts that women – mothers – have after losing a child.  But Kate takes it further, she puts a new twist on these thoughts, giving new light to the often dark (internal) voices that accompany this kind of loss.  Kate gave birth to twin boys 3 months early, losing Liam six weeks after birth.  As awful as what I have gone through is, the pain she experienced I cannot comprehend.  Not only am I posting this here so that you will go and read it, but so that I can remember her words, to remind myself that I may still be lucky after all.  Please take the time to read the post, you won’t regret it.

Forgive this invisible parenthood.

Forgive your body.

Forgive absence.

Forgive your luck.”

—  Kate Inglis from Sweet | Salty – quoted from fielding love: the walk to remember.

I want to write these words on my body so that maybe then I’ll start to believe in them.  Thank you, Kate.  Thank you for seeing and believing in something so many of us are struggling to find ourselves.

One Response to “Go read this. Now.”

  1. Esperanza February 25, 2011 at 12:15 am #

    Forgive me. I’ve been reading through your posts, seeing where it all started. Trying to figure out the timeline, trying to make sense of it. What a hellacious year you’ve had. I’m so sorry.

    This post, this post was amazing, and the link was, well, inspiring, humbling, eye opening. I read so much on all of these blogs but I’m rarely touched anymore, like that touched me. Thank you for that. Always.

    I saved that post in an email draft that simply states, in the subject line, “in case you ever have to remember”. I hope that I don’t, but I’m glad that I have it if I do.

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