Thankful on a Sunday

25 Jul

Let’s a take a little break from the doom and gloom, shall we?  At least long enough to appreciate some of the things in my life that are good.  It’s been hard to focus on those lately, so this is my way of reminding myself that not everything is full of sadness.

Today, I am thankful for:

1.  The shade of a tree in the heat I had to drive 2 hours to find.

2. My incredible husband that understands who I am and my need to be alone right now to deal with my feelings about all this.  That and the fact that he supported – wholeheartedly – a few days away by myself (encouraged even!).  I don’t know how I ended up getting him, but I sure am glad he’s mine.

3.  The sun on my bare back and cool water below me.

4.  The kindness of strangers offering me dinner, and the wine and conversation that followed.

5.  The music that’s currently on my iPod (don’t you love it when you get it just right?).

6.  And as a result of #5: Bob Dylan’s harmonica.

7.  Knowing that I will be okay eventually, and not feeling like I have to rush to get there.

8.  And lastly, for getting to see the sun this weekend, even if I had to drive to find it.

Life can be okay, even when it’s not.

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