6 weeks.

31 Jan

I’m six weeks today. And although I know there’s no possible way I could be showing when that little guy is only the size of a sesame seed lentil, I kind of wanted proof that at some point before this started, I had a somewhat flat stomach. It will also act as some motivation come November and a starting point to look back on once I do start to show. Maybe I’ll even make a flip book of my ever-expanding stomach.

I’m still feeling pretty normal. I have been a little more tired, and these last two days have been harder than the 3 1/2 weeks before them…overall though, I’d say I’ve had it pretty good so far. But trust me, I’m enjoying every minute of feeling normal. I’m like a soldier about to head into battle, taking in every little last bit of normalcy before my whole life changes. But bring it on, body, I can handle it.

(P.S. Also…please excuse me while I go clean my mirror. Don’t look. Focus on the white pasty belly instead.)


2 Responses to “6 weeks.”

  1. planeangel February 4, 2010 at 3:33 am #

    Oh how I'm gonna love those belly shots!


  1. I take it back. « Bodega Bliss - March 25, 2010

    […] take it back. March 25, 2010 by bodegabliss Remember when I said bring it on body, I can handle it? This isn’t what I had in mind. Can you please stop listening to me now, body? Please? […]

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