Just what the internet world needs.

24 Jan
So I guess this is means I’m another mommy blogger. Oh boy.
Well guys, I’m pregnant. Did you know that you can actually get pregnant on the very first try? Neither did I. But turns out you can.

Did you also know that that little left line doesn’t actually turn as bold as the right? You might even try to tell yourself that since it’s faint, you’re not really pregnant. Then you walk away to eat the dinner that is on the table getting cold because you couldn’t wait until after to do the test and you call your sister to tell her that you’re not pregnant because that line is barely there. Then she tells you, um, yes, you are pregnant if that line is there at all. And then? Then you kind of freak out a little bit because you’re not sure how to feel. You’ve spent your whole life hoping, praying, begging, that that other line doesn’t show up. And then when it’s okay to show up, you don’t really know how to feel.
I still don’t know how to feel. I’m going to the doctor’s on Tuesday because right now, I’m still convinced I can’t really be pregnant because how can you tell? Sure, I’m really tired, and my boobs hurt even if someone looks at them the wrong way…but how else can you tell? I’m a proof kind of girl. And I feel like if the doctor tells me I’m pregnant, well, then maybe I’ll believe then that I’m pregnant. Although apparently these tests don’t lie when they’re positive.
I’m feeling all kinds of emotions. A little scared for how much our life is going to change, excited to go on this journey only given to women, I’m even looking forward to watching my body change (I say this now still looking exactly the same way I did a month ago). And I’m hoping you’ll be there with me during the whole thing.
Hello. My name is Courtney and I’m a mommy blogger.

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